Aaron Frederick is a senior data scientist.

David Frederick is Chairman of the CNRC Board of Directors; he is an attorney with expertise in appellate law.

Jackie Gallagher is a Professor of Geography at the University of Mary Washington.

Lisa Lewis is the Gifted Intellectual Instructor at Lafayette Upper Elementary in Fredericksburg, VA and the District STEM Coordinator and Adjunct Professor at the University of Mary Washington.

Sophie Lynn is the executive director of the Crow’s Nest Research Center.

George Meadows is a Professor Emeritus in the College of Education at University of Mary Washington where he taught science and technology for 23 years.

Shin Meadows is the author and illustrator of children’s books about birds and the illustrator for a book on wildlife on the Kinabatangan River in Sabah, Malaysia.

Eric Newburger is a statistician who currently teaches data visualization at the University of Maryland while seeking a PhD in Information Studies.

Manuel Rivas owns and operates the Virginia-based company, Northern Virginia Property Services, that specializes in native plant installations and maintenance.

Jenna Webster is a Senior Designer for Larry Weaner Landscape Associates.

Chuck Whipkey is an Associate Professor of Environmental Sciences at the University of Mary Washington (emeritus board member as of spring 2021).