The Lynn Farm serves as a beacon for ecological
restoration and research, innovative land
management, and deep engagement with place.
Habitat management strategies pioneered at the Lynn
Farm provide a model for the region and beyond.
Periodic demonstrations, workshops, tours, and other
educational forums enable visitors to experience and
understand these innovative practices first hand.
Dedicated to the region’s native flora and the fauna
that depends on this flora, the Lynn Farm helps to
preserve the region’s genetic legacy. By opening the site
periodically to the public, the Farm shares the beauty
and wonder of the connections between native flora
and fauna.

The Lynn Farm enables rigorous scientific research as
well as field studies to inform management practices.
The Farm also serves as a research base for the adjacent
Crow’s Nest Preserve, with research buildings that
reflect the region’s vernacular architecture as well as
artful, sustainable building practices.
Unique landscape-based interpretative elements
reveal the layered history of the Lynn Farm, altered
continuously over time while still bearing traces of past
uses and earlier eras. This approach allows resonant
stories to emerge that invite reflection on our ongoing
relationship to place and the natural environment. The
Lynn Farm’s visitors thereby gain new perspectives,
deeper engagement, and a sense of inspiration.
In pioneering and modeling diverse ways of engaging
deeply with place, the Lynn Farm transcends its physical
boundaries and exemplifies ways to heal, revitalize, and
relate to the land and waters that sustain all of us.